Dave Naylor and Bob Rains, a4uexpo Munich 2010 Dave Naylor and Bob Rains, a4uexpo Munich 2010
Ralf Schwoebel

Ralf Schwoebel

Since 2004 Ralf Schwoebel has been founder and CEO of the open download marketplace tradebit.com where over 25,000 publishers sell eBooks, software, music, photos, etc.

In late 2004 he successfully started Tradebit.com as an open download marketplace, where any publisher, artist or software developer is able to upload and sell downloads. The marketplace incorporates payment tools, affiliate management and cloud hosting for the publishers of digital goods and reaches over 200,000 unique visitors every day in 4 languages (April 2011).

As a speaker on eCommerce, search engines and technology topics Ralf appears regularly in the US and Europe.

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