a4uexpo Conference Agenda 18th October 2011

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08:00–17:00 Register

Registration Open

Please bring along your printed barcode to scan at the registration desks in order to pick up your badge. Valid personal and business ID required.

08:10–09:00 Session break

Morning Coffee & Refreshments

After registration please pick up your delegate bag, wristband and brochure then head up to the Monarch Suite for Coffee and Pastries.

09:00–10:00 Sandringham Suite
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The Science of Influence & Engagement

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies A4US1

The business of affiliate marketing would be a bunch easier if we better understood how people think. The good news is scientists have been studying influence and engagement for decades.

This session will cover how the science of psychology, behavioural economics and game theory can help us market our products and services with more success. If you need to influence or persuade somebody to do something then this is the session for you.

09:00–10:00 Balmoral Suite
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The Future of Product Level Marketing

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers A4UB1

Product level marketing will see a huge surge in 2012 as innovative Advertisers and Publishers embrace, optimise and open up data to partners.

Facebook, Social Commerce, Display, Retargeting, and now Mobile Applications are all using product level data to empower their business and create value add consumer propositions.

This session is certainly not about product feed best practice (we'll point you to a recent IAB document for that!) It will however open your eyes to the possibilities and profits that product level data can bring for all parties.

09:00–10:00 Expo Theatre
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Essential Paid Search Tools : From Excel to Automation

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers A4UT1

You’ve mastered pivot tables in Excel, and know your AdWords dashboard like the back of your hand. As good as these tools are, they’re limited in scope. To really scale or take advantage of bid inefficiencies, you need to get automated. In this session, a set of invited advertisers discuss their favourite tools, and how they can be leveraged to save time, improve performance and profits, and generally ratchet up the quality of life for a paid search marketer.

Join Jon alongside 4 senior PPC specialists.

Audience Q&A will follow to ensure insider tips are uncovered and shared.

10:00–10:30 Session break

Coffee Break

Coffee served within the expo hall.

10:30–11:30 Sandringham Suite
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How to SEO Like a Super Affiliate

  1. Intermediate Publishers A4US2

This session is aimed at all levels of attendees who are looking to increase traffic & revenue via natural search. We will look at the top affiliate sites in the UK from financial comparison sites to shopping and voucher sites and give a detailed analysis showing how these sites are running their SEO strategies and how smaller affiliate sites need to set up their SEO campaigns to deliver top rankings in even the most competitive verticals.

There will be focus on Linkbuilding, Onsite optimisation, How to make Google treat you like a brand, Panda update issues, Campaign and team structure.

10:30–11:30 Balmoral Suite
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Together We Can Make The Numbers Work Harder

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers A4UB2

Collectively the performance marketing industry is responsible for producing a wealth of data of varied types, quality and relevance, but are we using this data intelligently? Whether it is to show the success of test activity an advertiser has carried out across emerging affiliate channels or the return on investment for additional up-front spend on a programme, the potential is unquestionable. And with marketing budgets increasingly scrutinised at a board level, it’s essential that we intelligently use the data available to us in order to continue to grow affiliate marketing into the future.

This session, featuring professionals from all sides of the industry, discusses the industry’s relationship with data, the uniqueness of what we do, and how panelists have used and are using this gold dust to grow their businesses. We hope to put a more accessible slant on something that is usually kept in the back room and offer real world examples of how companies can use data to make faster, more informed decisions that ultimately result in increased profits for all parties involved.

10:30–11:30 Expo Theatre
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Copywriting for Conversion: What the Hell are the “Words That Sell”?

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers A4UT2

If you’re a publisher, you want to grow your sales. If you’re an advertiser, you want to attract more publishers.

Either way, you can significantly grow your business just by changing the words you use.

But which words work?

In this session, you’ll discover proven strategies for persuasive copywriting—for your AdWords creatives, landing pages and email sequences.

You’ll get a useful checklist for ensuring that your writing is effective. And if you happen to be terrible at writing, you’ll discover the easiest ways of getting the job done—by learning it, outsourcing it or delegating it.


Session Break

Time to peruse the expo hall.

12:00–13:00 Sandringham Suite
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How You Can Continue to Build A 'Super Team'

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4US3

The session will be led by Mike Pegg. He has spent the past 40 years helping individuals, teams and organisations to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success. The session will provide practical tools that you can use:

To clarify your team's story, strategy and road to success.
Make clear contracts about each person's best contribution to achieving the picture of success.
To encourage, educate and enable people to perform superb work.
Find creative solutions to challenges.
To do whatever is necessary to guide the team towards achieving its picture of success.

Delegates will be encouraged to take the ideas they like best and use them to continue to build a super team in their business.

12:00–13:00 Balmoral Suite
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Looking Beyond the Sale to Value Attribution

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4UB3

This session takes a look into the value that affiliates generate for SKY beyond just sales attribution. How does the channel compare in terms of other KPIs such as quality, value of sales, life time value? We compare the channel to other routes to market and also look in detail at specific affiliates and show how managing affiliates based on promotion type could lead you to make the wrong judgements about your programme.

Looking at wider KPIs what does this mean for the affiliate channel going forward and how affiliates are rewarded? Do we need to look at the affiliate channel differently as it has developed far beyond its traditional label of a cheap sales driving channel?

Helen will also look at how the affiliate channel can be used for other acquisition generation beyond new customer and how affiliates add value to existing customer strategies.

12:00–13:00 Expo Theatre
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Am I Really Taking Advantage of Seasonality in Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Intermediate Publishers A4UT3

Understanding seasonality; How and when to engage with both advertisers and consumers is a critical strategy that needs to be considered by all publishers. Especially by those working across multiple verticals (i.e. from fashion to travel).

Learn from our panellists as they run through marketing and sales plans, typical publisher engagement strategies and how to leverage their resources and expertise to target consumers at the optimal time for the very best returns.

13:00–14:30 Session break

Hot Hilton Lunch

A two course lunch will be served within the expo hall catering zones.

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Scalable Keyword Research – How to Quickly Uncover How People Search in Your Niche

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers A4UTL1

Despite years of experience in organic search marketing, many digital marketers still struggle to define a reliable methodology to uncover new keyword opportunities for their sites.

In this session, Richard will “give up” a keyword research methodology to speed up and scale your keyword targeting research. Free, downloadable tools and a live demo of the process will ensure the audience takes away some fresh inspiration and new skills.


+ Performance Marketing Health Clinics

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others

Experts will be on hand to offer 1-2-1 advice and live site analysis for your business. Clinic access is included with your pass and contains experts from a variety of fields including SEO, Attribution, Email Marketing, Fraud & Programme Compliance, Conversion Optimisation and Online PR. Additional categories will be added prior to the conference.

Discover the full Health Clinic line-up @ http://www.a4uexpo.com/london/health-clinics/

14:30–15:30 Sandringham Suite
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Post Panda : Affiliates Guide to Surviving Google

  1. Intermediate Publishers A4US4

Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm update sent shockwaves through the online community earlier this year, and many affiliate sites have struggled to rank well ever since. But all is not lost - this presentation will cover a number of strategies and concepts which affiliates can use to improve their Google organic search traffic. In particular, we’ll look at how an affiliate can develop their site as a trusted online brand, with the aim of boosting traffic from organic search.

Among the strategies covered in this presentation are the SEO tactics which affiliates can use to achieve the best results in Google. What are the most effective content strategies for ranking highly but naturally in Google, and how can you effectively target converting keywords? How can you use social media to build an online brand?

Find out all this and more in this wide-ranging presentation from Kevin Gibbons and Daniel Bianchini to make sure you’re best equipped to survive a panda algorithm slap!

14:30–15:30 Balmoral Suite
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Mobile & M-Commerce : The Complete Picture

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4UB4

Affiliate marketing is at the forefront of the mobile revolution. In 2011 the channel is poised to drive in excess of £100m through mobile devices. As a proven acquisition channel the pressure is on now more than ever before to fully understand the scope and range of activity.

This session will look at mobile from all angles. Building on Affiliate Window’s analysis conducted throughout 2011 we will kick off by showing the extent of mobile in the channel flagging handset trends, key sectors driving sales and those affiliates who are forging ahead.

We’ll then showcase some affiliate success stories, the practicalities of working with mobile devices as well as look into where mobile is heading including the wider online to offline picture.

The session aims to offer guidance to advertisers and insight for affiliates keen to take advantage of a channel poised to revolutionise our shopping habits.

14:30–15:30 Expo Theatre
  • speaker

Build a Relationship and the Rest Will Come

  1. Intermediate Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4UT4

Join Jess Markwood, Editorial Director at Aigua Media for a presentation of two sides. In part one, she will reveal her ‘golden rules’ on how to get communication right with content publishers (and affiliates as a whole) and unearth insights on collaboration strategies that can enhance brand and uplift sales.

Part two, will concentrate on leveraging your internal resources to supplement your performance marketing activity, specifically integrating Affiliate within PR and Marketing. Using a series of case studies Jess will identify brands who have achieved success with Aigua Media, the challenges that were overcome by both parties and the results achieved.

15:30–16:00 Session break

Coffee Break

Refreshments served within the expo hall.

16:00–17:00 Sandringham Suite
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Are Incentivised Customers Really Valuable?

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4US5

There is no question that the popularity of incentivising customers is on the increase. Leading cashback publishers have launched their first above the line advertising campaign earlier this year highlighting the investment brands are putting into this lucrative market. In addition increasingly merchants are incentivising their customers directly all of which suggests there is growth still to be had. But how do merchants piggy back on this rise without reducing ROI and devaluing their brand?

In this discussion we will be debating the true value of these customers based on insight from advertisers, publishers and networks. Does appearing on these sites devalue brands? Do these sites generate incremental sales? Will these customers be loyal? Put in practise new techniques that have been implemented to increase ROI and change the way you manage your incentivised traffic moving forwards.

If you want to understand the pro’s and con’s of incentivised customers then join us for an honest and lively debate.

16:00–17:00 Balmoral Suite
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Open Q&A about Google Organic Search

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Advertisers A4UB5

Moderated by Martin MacDonald

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Far and Search Quality Strategist Kaspar Szymanski will spend one hour answering all your questions about Google organic search.

16:00–17:00 Expo Theatre
  • speaker

Making The Longtail Wag

  1. Intermediate Agencies   Advertisers A4UT5

Is it possible to turn the longtail of an affiliate programme from a mass of dormant members to a diverse base of steady revenue-driving partners? And if so, how?

The issue of longtail engagement is at the heart of many contemporary debates in the affiliate industry. Affiliate managers want to cultivate diversity on their programmes to loosen a dependence on a few top players; marketing directors want to see that the affiliate channel is more than just a discount and reward channel. Networks also have a lot invested in the success of longtail engagement: what is the point of a network having tens of thousands of affiliates if only a small proportion are capable of producing sales?

Using case studies from the Affiliate Window and buy.at networks we will review what strategies have so far been employed to grow the longtail, assess their success, and look at what might need to change in affiliate marketing to realise this.

17:00–17:15 Session break

Session Break

Time to peruse the expo hall.

17:15–18:15 Sandringham Suite
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Debate : Isn’t it About Time Affiliate Networks Added Value?

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4US6

A panel to discuss how networks are positioned within the industry today. Have they concentrated too much on the low hanging fruit of CashBack, voucher and PPC and are not innovating enough?

Is the pace of technology and innovation slowing down? Are they falling behind on emerging channels such as mobile and social media, is this to the detriment of their Clients and Affiliates? Networks sit on a gold mine of data, why are they not using it?

Join our panel as we ask frank and honest questions about the future role of networks within the channel.

17:15–18:15 Balmoral Suite
  • speaker
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The Answer Is Facebook, Now What Was The Question?

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4UB6

A two part presentation, with Jam's Jamie Kenny kicking off with 'The answer is Facebook, now what was the question?'

Facebook is being used increasingly by brands as part of their marketing mix. But many companies are jumping in without truly understanding the role Facebook is best suited to play in their marketing communications.

This presentation sets out to highlight some of the common pitfalls of marketing on Facebook, and focus on the key questions brands need to answer to get true value from their Facebook communities.

Simon will follow by offering strategies with social graph and top tips to maximise your ROI from your Facebook advertising.

17:15–18:15 Expo Theatre

There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Merchant

  1. Beginner Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4UT6

We've all had emails from merchants announcing offers that end in the next two hours, we've had newsletters with broken links and lorem ipsum in places, in this session Dom will be going through stories, emails, newsletters and tweets that have driven affiliates mad!

You'll laugh (Dom hopes).. You'll cry (if you're mentioned) but we hope everyone will leave this session with a greater understanding of the affiliates mindset!


Expo Hall Drinks Reception

Head to the expo hall, grab a beverage and mingle with newly made contacts.


Speed Networking with Webgains

Speed networking at a4uexpo London allows our delegates to meet old and new acquaintances and strengthen key industry relationships within the Performance and Affiliate Marketing industry, all in an informal and fast-paced environment.This ultra-efficient form of networking can provide delegates with a vast amount of new contacts, in minimal time, allowing them more time to enjoy other aspects of a4uexpo such as our buzzing exhibition hall and informative conference sessions.

20:30–01:00 Party

Official a4uexpo London Networking Party

Join us at Foundation Bar, Covent Garden for some fabulous cocktails and networking in the heart of the West End. The evening begins at 8.30pm with a welcome drink followed by the opportunity to catch up with existing contacts and chat to new ones in a relaxed and informal setting.

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