‘How to Build Links which look Natural;’ Kelvin Newman joins a4uexpo Europe

With one week to go before a4uexpo Europe starts in the Bavarian city, Munich, we continue with our exclusive Speaker Interviews, bringing you insider knowledge to each session at a4uexpo Europe. To start the week, we have Kelvin Newman of Site Visibility, discussing his session ‘How to Build Links Which Look Natural’ with Kevin Gibbons of SEOptimise on Day two of a4uexpo at 3.00 in Cezanne.

What is your session covering and why is it important for our delegates?

I’m on a session with the excellent Kevin Gibbons form SEOptimise talking about Link Building, I’m not going to be talking in abstract terms or offering vague general advice, instead I’m going to be rattling through practical link building tips and tools as I possibly can. These are methods that I use all time to make my life easier and that I think would work a treat for people trying to get more link love to their affiliate or merchant site.

  • What can delegates expect to learn? Why should they choose you? And what will be the key take always?

If I tell you all my key takeaways now why would they come? Joking aside I’m going to be concentrating on using surveys as linkbait, links from academic websites, guests posts & podcasting all of which are subjects close to my heart and that really work.

  • During your session what question would you ask other panelists or yourself if you were in the audience?

I’d ask ‘How do you actually do that?’ We’re all smart people we know about most of the link building methods – where a conference can really help is, how you increase the success of those tactics and how to do it in a more cost and time efficient way. If you can get that advice it’ll make a huge difference.

  • Aside from your own session, what other sessions will you be attending at a4uexpo Europe and why?

Generally I’m not normally a bit fan of Keynotes but Rory Sutherland is one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I can’t wait to hear his take on the world of affiliate marketing and advise everyone to stop what they’re doing and watch both his TED talks. Not only will they have you in stitches they’ll also have a huge impact on how you go about doing your marketing.

  • What one piece of advice would you give to delegates attending this years a4uexpo Europe

Don’t go crazy on making notes, you’ll never follow up in all of them, really throw yourself into the event, take in what the speakers are saying, ask good questions and try and work out how you’ll follow up on the advice.

For more information about Kelvins session or to see it first hand, visit www.a4uexpo.com/europe and register for a full conference pass to this years a4uexpo Europe

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