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09:00–09:50 I & II
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New Media Traffic Acquisition Strategies

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Advertisers A4UP1

Strategies surrounding traffic and customer acquisition have adapted over time to encompass new advertising mediums and popular platforms. As a site owner or brand, the desire to reach new audiences across these mediums has become more prominent - especially now that consumers are more technology-savvy than ever before; spending an increasing number of hours watching online video, playing mobile games, browsing the mobile web and using multiple devices.

But in today’s competitive e-commerce climate, what are the most successful and innovative ways of driving targeted traffic through new media? How do you ensure your media spend is reaching relevant consumers? What can you do to differentiate your acquisition strategy from the many others that are competing against you?

Join our panel of media experts, publishers and solutions as they discuss the ins and outs of clever traffic acquisition that’s complimentary to your ROI.

09:00–09:50 IV & V
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'Everyone is Special' - Personalisation in Conversion Tactics

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4US1

Focusing on the individual is one of the most overlooked areas of conversion optimisation. While building tests that deliver the ‘statistically best’ experience, we often overlook the fact that everyone is different. By optimising your site, are you heading to the lowest common denominator – making a bland and unexciting page that offends nobody, but isn’t exciting or inspirational?

Our speaker explains how you can use analytics tools to understand possibilities for personalisation, how you can set up simple personalisation tests with any test platform and looks at which are the best features to personalise on your page. Learn how simple changes can create a personal experience for every user and boost your conversion.

09:00–09:50 Multi-Channel Theatre
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Affiliate Mobile 101: Kick-start your Mobile Success

  1. Beginner Publishers   Advertisers   Others A4UMC1

A prominent discussion point across the globe. The rise in mobile has led to a new channel being leveraged that allows publishers, advertisers and startups to take advantage of today's agile consumer. The mobile channel is a new facet for performance-based marketing activity, yet the promotional opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike are often overlooked.

The speakers will take you through a big brand's mobile affiliate programme, starting with the basics and then embarking on a step-by-step guide to launching your mobile affiliate programme. Using case studies from the successful brand's mobile activity, you’ll hear about tips for growing and maturing your mobile affiliate programme - plus a look at how the app space can benefit and take your mobile activity further into the world of m-commerce.


Networking Break

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10:30–11:20 I & II
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Next Generation Remarketing & Retargeting

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UP2

Moderated by Kevin Edwards

Few will deny that today’s remarketing and retargeting channel is booming and is set to continue driving new and significant revenue for brands over the coming months.

With so much customer data being handled across the remarketing and retargeting journey, what are the best practice procedures to remain within the law of customer data collection? Especially as new data regulations are soon to be enforced that could impact this channel quite considerably.

Our panel will discuss their experience within the channel by delving into successful campaigns and what factors played a part in their success, followed by a view to future strategies. How has frequency capping for display campaigns changed over recent years, and when is the optimal time to remarket via email? Does creative messaging aid display conversions, and how personalised do you need to make your emails to aid remarketing?

Questions from the floor will be welcomed throughout.

10:30–11:20 IV & V
  • speaker

CRO: It's All Psychological

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4US2

Successful conversion optimisation is not an art, but a science. It requires an in-depth understanding of human psychology, cognitive principles and scientific methodologies. Therefore it’s time to lift the lid on what it takes to optimise effectively.

This session will explain how the application of simple cognitive principles can be applied to website design and usability, how the art of persuasion can be leveraged through basic scientific methods and how all this can affect a visitor’s mind-set and their eventual conversion.

By tapping in to the science you’ll learn how to get the most out of your existing traffic and maximize your online ROI. We hope you leave this session and never look at a web page in the same way!

10:30–11:20 Multi-Channel Theatre
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SEO for Site Owners - Remaining Agile in 2013

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Advertisers   Others A4UMC2

12 months is a very long time in search, so how can site owners large and small stay agile and ensure they move with the times?

What tools can you use to figure out what to do next and how should you react if you fall foul to the latest search update? The most powerful information a site owner can have is a solid understanding of their landscape, and what the competition is doing to move forward.

Join our SEO guru who’ll take you through how any site owner can analyse data from tools including Advanced Web Ranking and Search metrics, and use Excel to make monitoring your competitive landscape easy and actionable.

Drawing on experience of working with large affiliate sites, Jon will identify significant changes in the past 12 months with examples of websites that are adapting well to change, and also sites that are being left behind. You’ll leave this session with a clear idea of how to effectively stay in touch with changes in SEO, and more importantly how to react should a shift in rankings impact your business.


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12:00–12:50 I & II
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Is There Really Power in Third-Party Solutions?

  1. Advanced Agencies   Advertisers A4UP3

Moderated by Steve Brown

One of the common trends for performance marketing stakeholders in today’s market is the availability of third party technologies that can optimise your campaign, programme or operation. Depending on the level of granularity that you are using third party solutions for, throws up many different approaches to performance marketing operations.

But what can using third parties enable you to do more of? What is the best approach and in what circumstances? How can API’s, increased tracking and use of analytical tools aid you to maximise your performance marketing goals?

Hear from those who have taken programmes completely in-house, to those who utilise solutions as part of a network or agency-based programme; plus you can hear from innovative publishers who are offering their own third-party solutions to reach new markets and commercial models for their business.

12:00–12:50 IV & V
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Performance Marketing from First Impression to Last Click

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4US3

In a unique eight-country study of the role performance marketing plays in shoppers’ purchasing journey, Tradedoubler Insight Unit’s research ‘Performance Marketing from First Impression to Last Click’, investigates exactly how the rise of e-commerce and the phenomenal consumer uptake of smartphones and tablets has disrupted the traditional customer ‘path to purchase’ and what that means for marketers.

With an overview of this in-depth research - carried out in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Poland - Tradedoubler will examine how Europe’s shoppers are turning to performance marketing channels first when seeking inspiration on which brands and products to buy – and brands without a presence on these sites risk being locked out of consumers’ decision-making as a result.

The presentation provides insight into how consumer buying behaviour across key verticals such as travel and fashion, has developed in light of the impact of performance marketing and highlights key trends and insights which can be used to guide online marketing investment decisions in this complex, multi-channel world.

12:00–12:50 Multi-Channel Theatre
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Forget Google's Games. Grow Social into your Primary Traffic Source.

  1. Beginner Publishers   Advertisers   Others A4UMC3

Social is the wide open door through which mountains of targeted visitors await those businesses with the foresight to invest in acquiring them.

The speaker will look at strategies that can help you to cut through the many social channels and instead concentrate on the platforms that convert. These social platforms are worth tapping into now, as future longevity in social commerce and social media is showing no signs of slowing.

This session will help you understand how to mine the social graph for key insights that can help define your content and acquisition strategies via social media.


Lunch & Networking

A delectable mix of hot and cold food will be served.

14:00–14:50 I & II
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Understanding the Future Customer Journey through Attribution

  1. Beginner Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UP4

Attribution adoption for marketing campaigns has grown considerably over recent years. At current day there is more pressure on performance-based employees to deal with issues like cross channel attribution, multiple touch-points, return-on-ad spend, new versus returning customers and tag management.

Many advertisers are today focusing on leveraging the entire customer journey instead of a single interaction, and the evolution of attribution over the coming year is one that encompasses many channels including the mix of cross, omni, multi, and agile, marketing.

Our panel will share insight into how attribution has evolved within their companies and client base over the past 12 months, before focusing insight into how measurement and targeting of attribution models are being revised to encompass today's agile consumer.

14:00–14:50 IV & V
  • speaker

It's Time to Revisit Wordpress

  1. Beginner Publishers A4US4

The world’s most popular content management system is used on millions of websites and by tens of millions of people everyday. With its ease of use, WordPress has been the backbone for many content and performance marketers who look to the CMS as the platform to build their online properties.

Four years on and Joost De Valk returns to the a4uexpo conference agenda, where he’ll be giving delegates the chance to revisit WordPress and hear what is currently best practice across theme selection and frameworks, must-use plugins (and ones you should avoid) and overall optimisation techniques including speed, search engine optimisation, maintenance and analytics.

Following his presentation, Joost is primed and ready to answer any questions you've been waiting to ask about your WordPress goals.

14:00–16:00 Knowledge Zone

Meet the Agencies

Come along to the Knowledge Zone and meet many of the performance marketing agencies in attendance. Hear about the exciting brands they represent and discover how you can work with them more closely.

If you would like your agency to take part in Meet the Agencies please contact Mark Atherton or call +44 (0)117 203 3113


Networking Break

Head to the Exhibition Area to meet and network with sponsors, delegates and speakers.

15:30–16:20 I & II
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Extreme SEO - Punching the Penguin

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UP5

Moderated by Bas van den Beld

While this panel’s title might concern animal rights activists, you have our word that no harm will come to these aquatic birds. Instead, we’re looking at how to pound, in a purely metaphorical sense of course, Google’s search engine algorithm into submission.

Europe’s biggest voices in the world of search are coming together, not for 12 rounds, but 40 minutes in what’s set to be the bout to end all bouts.

Five SEO experts will be hoping to keep Penguin on the ropes by covering a barrage of subjects such as new linking techniques, multi-devices and site audits. Finally, before the referee halts the contest, there’ll be a chance for delegates to muscle in and fire a few jabs of their own in a Q&A session where anything goes, as long as it’s not below the belt.

15:30–16:20 IV & V
  • speaker

The Consumerisation of E-commerce

  1. Beginner Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4US5

The boom in new technologies and devices, as well as the availability of mobile internet and in-store Wi-Fi, offers consumers more possibilities for online shopping and therefore, greater power over the providers.

Many paths lead to the web-shop, and having evolved over many years devices and technology have provided the basis for online businesses to adopt new business models and integrations that can influence and disrupt the consumer further offline than ever before.

Join our speaker who will look at how the E-commerce channel is evolving to suit device-led consumers, and provide examples on the strong opportunities for the affiliate channel to take a leading role in the growing omni-channel mentality.


Networking Break

Head to the Exhibition Area to meet and network with sponsors, delegates and speakers.

17:00–17:50 I & II
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International Expansion: Tried, Tested and Delivered

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UP6

Moderated by Stephen Kerin

Cross-border expansion has always been a trend for businesses who seek to build on singular successes, yet within performance marketing in Europe there has been a notable increase in stakeholders launching their offerings across multiple countries in the past 12-24 months. Whether looking to expand or work with the recently expanded, what should you be considering?

Join our mix of international panellists across differing demographics who are doing just that. Hear how they evaluate new market opportunities and implement decisions that form the basis of a new market strategy. Which markets are primed for growth? How do you research new markets? What can you offer to make your programme stand out?

If you’re considering expanding internationally, or want to understand how you can work more efficiently with international publishers, then our panellists will be on hand to share their experiences of different markets and their associated considerations, consumer habits, pitfalls and opportunities. Questions from the floor are welcomed!

17:00–17:50 IV & V
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Influence, Networking and Marketing

  1. Beginner Publishers A4US6

Digital marketing has changed consistently over the past few years. Previous tactics that were employed to reach more consumers aren't as effective in today's landscape, and influence is playing an increasingly large role when it comes to optimising your digital marketing efforts.

The term is often misinterpreted, so what actually is 'influence' and how does it affect today's marketing efforts? Are you influential, or do you need to find the right network in order to find and target the right 'influencers' to engage with them more effectively?

Our two speakers will help you understand the principle of influencers, finding the right influencers and getting them activated so you can optimise marketing and sales in a strategy and tactics combined session.

17:00–17:50 Multi-Channel Theatre
  • speaker

Seeking Viral PR on a Shoe String Budget

  1. Beginner Publishers   Advertisers A4UMC6

After jointly launching Wish.co.uk into a very competitive gift experience market, Stephen and his co-founder began creatively launching new gift experiences with a viral twist.

Through clever use of social media, offline and online media, they were able to seed PR content that was leveraged and maximised through (free) celebrity endorsements, crazy radio discussions and prime time television coverage.

Rather than spoil the surprises we'll let you attend this entertaining session to hear how Stephen and his team were able to successfully multiply the impact of PR for their website through a shoe string budget, reaching millions of potential customers through creative thinking.


Speed Networking

This exciting evening event offers all delegates a fantastic opportunity to network with the great and the good at a4uexpo Europe.

The session will encourage individuals to meet with publishers, advertisers and agencies for a maximum of two minutes to talk, learn and exchange business cards before moving onto the next partner when the bell rings. It’s fun, fast, exciting and engaging and sure to be very entertaining!

20:00–02:00 Party

Official a4uexpo Europe Party

We are taking over Amsterdam's elite venue of choice!

In the heart of eclectic Amsterdam, Jimmy Woo's is a designer's dream. Chic and unique with furniture from all over Asia and exotic artistic details in leather, velvet and gold all bathed in a shower of over twelve thousand twinkling lights.

The a4uexpo networking events have a reputation to maintain and this year Ve Interactive have joined a4uexpo Europe as official sponsor of the Networking reception to ensure we excel ourselves by offering you a night out in one of Amsterdam's most exclusive bars. Network with leading performance marketing brands in the perfect setting. This central, 2 floor venue boasts the title of the most luxurious nightclub in the city for a good reason. We want you to celebrate with us, sponsored by Ve Interactive enjoy some complimentary drinks and network with a global audience at the forefront of the Performance Marketing industry.

This event is only open to full conference pass holders. All delegates will be asked to show their event wristband on arrival.

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