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09:00–09:50 I & II
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Engaging with Consumers in a Multi-platform World

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UP7

Moderated by Projjol Banerjea

Join a well-represented panel who will discuss ideas, perspectives and best practices when creating engagement within a multi-platform journey.

With continued development around this increasingly key area, the panel will look at how to effectively combine and maximise the use of different platforms. It will do this through discussions on measuring quality, user behaviours and effective targeting, among many other topics.

According to a study by Jupiter Research, less than 25% of European companies engaging in online advertising had any plans to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Hear from leading companies who have tried, tested and delivered multi-channel engagement during this panel session. How this can fit effectively into your business models?

09:00–09:50 IV & V
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Harness Intelligence, Technology, Creativity & Quality to Achieve your Performance Goals

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4US7

In a strategically-led session, join affilinet CEO Dorothea von-Wichert Nick as she evaluates the position of the affiliate and performance market as part of today's wider online marketing industry.

The performance market has changed considerably over the past five years allowing for significant developments that have created new challenges and opportunities for the road ahead.

Hear how your business can reach new industry opportunites through employing intelligence, technology, creativity and quality that creates additional value, no matter what the lifecycle stage of your business is at.

09:00–09:50 Multi-Channel Theatre
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The Real-time Landscape: Zero-delay Advertising

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UMC7

Creating an optimal approach that targets a particular customer at a particular time and place is known as real-time advertising. Technology advances and more connected consumers are increasing and so is the ability to target them on-the-fly.

Join the speaker as he takes you through a real-time display landscape that covers not only traditional banner display, but also advances in mobile, video and the online ecosystem. Different pricing structures are being harnessed to aid campaign ROI and business models, yet are you seeing the true effects of real-time developments within your digital campaigns?

This session will take you through the real-time, multi-channel display landscape. You'll learn exactly how ad-exchanges work, which mediums are currently converting best and how you can keep a clear view within such a complex and dynamic landscape.


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10:30–11:20 I & II
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Fashioning Success - Becoming Successful with Fashion in Performance Marketing

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4UP8

Moderated by Florent Coudyser

Fashion is one of the fastest growing vertical sectors within affiliate marketing. According to eMarketer, online sales of apparel and accessories saw huge growth in 2012. This is all the more noteworthy, as apparel is a product type for which shoppers’ desire to touch, feel and try on before making a purchase, a fact long seen as a deterrent to online sales.

This impressive growth is supported by a host of publisher models that use blogs, pairing content and social channels to drive revenue through the fashion sector. Join our panel of fashion publishers, bloggers, brands and a fashion-centric agency as they discuss the ascendancy of online fashion content. Expect to hear about cross-border promotions, utilising social channels and leveraging user-generated content.

10:30–11:20 IV & V
  • speaker

Making Digital Decisions: What Makes a Great Performance Team?

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks A4US8

In this fast-paced, dynamic industry, it's surprising that so many companies within performance marketing still rely on out-dated, inefficient concepts of how to run a team.

This session will explore what really motivates today's performance marketing individuals. It will also analyse who should be making the decisions within an organisation, how to ensure you have the best people working with you and what this all means for the role of a manager. The work of leading thinkers in the field will be presented by a speaker who helps to lead performance marketing activity within one of the UK's largest comparison services.

Expect this session to challenge your ideas about what it means to lead, how to structure a team for success and what to ask for as an employee.

10:30–11:20 Multi-Channel Theatre
  • speaker

The Performance Search Boot Camp

  1. Beginner Publishers   Advertisers   Others A4UMC8

Are you at the top of your PPC game? Are you nimble in the search space? Are you actually agile enough to push the Performance boundaries and use search techniques to drive traffic across web, mobile and social?

Leading search experts will put you through your paces so you're able to master all of the different performance models, limber you up to be in shape to tackle the latest trends as well as ensure you're equipped to rise to the challenge of new markets.

This session isn't for the faint hearted. It's performance search shock treatment, a jam-packed session that will exhilarate and ensure your notebook feels the burn.


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12:00–12:50 I & II
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Performance Marketing in the Netherlands

  1. Advanced Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UP9

Moderated by Jochem Vroom

As our host country for this year’s pan-European a4uexpo, we’ve put together a panel of Dutch affiliate and performance marketers to share insights on the market’s landscape throughout the Netherlands.

Expect to hear our panel’s views on building brands to increase customer retention and how to add value. The latest mobile opportunities that are gracing the market will be showcased along with adapting to changing consumer habits surrounding the customer journey.

All the above and more will be discussed during the panel session. Additional questions from the floor will be encouraged.

12:00–12:50 IV & V
  • speaker

Interflora vs Google: Risk Management for your Links and SEO

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Advertisers A4US9

If you saw the coverage earlier this year about Google handing a link-based penalty to massive global brand, Interflora, and want to ensure that your link building strategy is adhering to Google's constantly changing guidelines, then this session is for you.

The SEO game has changed rapidly with Penguin and, ultimately, so has link building. You won't want to be the next Interflora and the speaker will take you through a new mindset for link building and goal setting to a new 'risk vs reward' scheme.

This session will give examples on unnatural links, link removal, recovery and link risk management. Sit in on this session to ensure you have a more sustainable and up-to-date link-building strategy than you've had previously.

12:00–12:50 Multi-Channel Theatre
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Multi-Channel PR Campaigns that Set the World on Fire!

  1. Beginner Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UMC9

In a land not too far away, two intrepid marketeers; one from the world of public relations and another from the world of social media, got together to explain how cross-platform campaigns were the way forward for brands wanting to take their consumer engagement to the next level.

The session is aimed at explaining how companies can combine campaigns across video, public relations and social media in order to increase engagement levels and make budgets stretch that little bit further.

If that was not enough, we also explain the SEO benefits of these types of campaigns and sprinkle over a dash of real-life campaign examples that have worked well for their clients.


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Keynote: Dual-Screening and the Convergence of Engagement

Today's hyper-connected consumers no longer distinguish between one screen or device. They look for convenience and quality; and may the best screen win. Simultaneous, often continuous switching among screens has created a huge challenge (and opportunity) for marketers.

At the heart of it all is video – which can elicit the same emotion whether viewed on a pocket-sized screen on the go or the largest on the wall. Through video, we laugh, cry, are enticed to buy, and are inspired to share with friends and strangers.

So, as video becomes increasingly channel-agnostic, how do we achieve cross media engagement? How can we build a fused strategy in this landscape? How do we measure beyond quantifiable metrics and refocus on the qualitative and social side of video?

Deann Harvey will help you spot the trends, find cohesion, and prepare for explosive growth in next-generation converged video.


Networking Break

Head to the Exhibition Area to meet and network with sponsors, delegates and speakers.

15:30–16:20 I & II
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Maximising the Publisher / Network Relationship

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Networks A4UP10

While some SME publishers focus on trying to gain ground and reach those dizzy top-tier heights, others have enough trouble just trying to get a network to look at them, let alone keep up once they reach the summit. From competing against a torrent of top-notch traffic to becoming exposed, making a splash and getting yourself heard – it is not an easy battle being a publisher.

Short of a big arrow sign and a neon jacket, publishers will find out how ‘not’ to be ignored by a network, while gaining insight into hot topics such as relationship building with advertisers.

From networks helping publishers facilitate key industry rendezvous, and publishers who aren't geo-located in industry hub cities; to selling yourself and business properly - a whole host of topics will be explored. Here, a panel of candid network pros and up-front publishers will also smash myths and delve into controversial issues such as backhanders and profit splitting.

15:30–16:20 IV & V
  • speaker

How to Capture and Categorise Useful Big Data

  1. Intermediate Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4US10

A hands on guide for the 21st century marketer as this session will delve deep into user events and personalisations that can be recorded to combine qualitative and quantitative data into 100s of data values. But how do you collect this data?

At the heart of this session lies best practice examples of how to collect and categorise detailed visitor data, and making it actionable - the more accessible and connected your data sets are, the more able you are to create a clear picture of who your customers are and focus your marketing activities accordingly.

Expect a media-rich presentation with case studies, Forrester-commissioned research and downloads, showing the true value that data can bring to a business.

15:30–16:20 Multi-Channel Theatre
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Successful Email Campaigns for the Multi-Channel Age

  1. Beginner Publishers   Agencies   Advertisers   Networks   Others A4UMC10

If you send email newsletters and updates, it's likely that a growing percentage of your subscribers are reading your messages on a smartphone or tablet. Depending on where you’re viewing your inbox from, it’s an experience that can swing from awesome to awful. While an email newsletter can look superb in the inbox, when squeezed onto a smartphone it can become unusable, with narrow columns, small fonts and broken layouts typical common issues.

In this session, join an email marketing publisher as it takes you through some of their best practices for delivering and targeting to the agile consumer. Hear how their award-winning email campaigns have taken into account multi-device usability to increase engagement, click-throughs and delivery.

A great session to attend if you’re looking to improve your email marketing campaigns and increase relevancy with your multi-channel audience.

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