Bursary Scheme

Meet the Key Players and Learn from the Best; Apply for the a4uexpo Bursary Scheme

The Bursary Scheme is designed to support Publishers and Advertisers that are new to a4uexpo, enabling them to attend our pan-European performance marketing conference and give them a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the industry.

If you are a Publisher or Advertiser who has not previously attended an a4uexpo conference, either as an individual or company, you are encouraged to apply for this fantastic initiative.

For more information on the 2013 scheme contact Drew Cameron on +44 (0)117 203 3013

Interested in applying for the 2013 Bursary Scheme? Complete the form at the bottom of this page – it's easy and only takes a minute!

How it works

If you meet the criteria outlined, complete the form below by 14th June in order to sign up for the Bursary Scheme for Europe 2013. Successful applicants, who will be vetted by the organisers at a4u, will then be allocated to a Bursary Sponsor.

The applicant will pay only 30% of a full price ticket. 30% of the ticket price will be paid for by the Sponsor and the remaining 40% by a4u.

Once applicants have been allocated, the sponsor will have contact details of their bursary participants passed to them, allowing them to make contact prior to the event.

Become a Bursar

Involvement in the bursary scheme is a fantastic opportunity to help grow the industry by informing, educating and inspiring those new to Performance Marketing, giving them a great grounded start.

Agencies and Affiliate Networks wishing to take part must commit to a minimum of one Publisher and one Advertiser pass and then commit in pairs thereafter.

In return for participating in the Bursary Scheme not only will the benevolent Sponsor have contact with a potential new business partner but here at a4uexpo we will run our own PR letting the industry know that your brand is part of the forward thinking club participating in this innovation. We will also add your logo to the Bursary page on a4uexpo.com and relevant section in the conference brochure.

For more information on how to get involved in the a4uexpo Europe Bursary Scheme contact Drew Cameron on +44 (0)117 203 3013


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