Speaking at Performance Marketing Insights: LONDON 2013

Our speakers represent the global figureheads, the experts and the leaders of the Performance Marketing Industry.

Our success is a direct culmination of our panellists, moderators and keynote speakers and our delegates count on the high quality we are known to deliver. If you want to share your expertise, experience and education in this field and join this elite group of speakers then read the guidelines and apply below. Sessions run for around 50 minutes and depending on topic and perceived demand you will be speaking in a room of between 50 and 150 delegates. Good luck to all!

Top tips for success

1) Be Interactive

Sessions that include audience participation, case studies and Q&A time will be given greater consideration. We are particularly interested in hearing from speakers who speak on proven strategies and are looking to share knowledge.

2) Suggest a Panel or a Session

Help us to help you by suggesting and putting together a complete panel or case study to present at the conference on a topical issue. You may wish to bring in other experts or clients to share speaking responsibility as well as a moderator who can steer the session.

3) Be Specific

We are looking for advanced sessions on performance, along with other digital sessions that can relate to activity within performance marketing. Please state clearly your pitch level, suggested session titles and descriptions, in addition to a brief explanation of your topic and why you feel it should be selected.

4) Don't Submit a Sales Pitch

Build awareness and credibility, don’t commit commercial suicide by conducting a hard sell. The advisory board views all of the session videos, which may result in you being banned from future conferences. Our delegates expect more.

5) Don't Rehash Old Content

Topics need to be fresh, thought provoking, educational and proactive. Performance marketing diversifies far too often to warrant rehashing content. We are looking for real case studies, results of research; unique content and strategies for our audience.

Questions you must answer in your submission document

  1. Your suggested title for the session
  2. Your suggested session synopsis
  3. Who specifically is the session aimed at?
  4. If you are suggesting a panel please name all participants (very important)
  5. What sets apart your session / how is it original?
  6. Why should we pick you?
  7. Please state any previous speaking experience

Submit your proposal

Submit your proposal by filling in the form below.

New for 2013
If you'd like to take part in our conference but preferably as a panellist please email our Content Director, Chris Johnson.